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2 Ounces per gallon nets you a 64:1 Ratio,
Use Only Full synthetic mix, as you will clog up the exhaust with any blended premix.
You will get all sorts of who does what, so make your best decision with all the info.
We have been running Shercos at 80:1 with Amsoil Saber, It goes a long long way ,
Since you will be plunking around at low speed, the higher oil ratio is not needed,
We use usually a shell or top name brand gas 91octane plus, and I also add Octane booster just for kicks, only 1 Ounce per gallon, Not sure if its any benefit, but the crap we are buying top dollar at the pump, could all still be junk
BTW, Looks like your shelf needs a bit of bracing, hate to see that nice car dented :)
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