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2013 Dakar Media Thread - Pics and Videos Only

Since there is already media out there for the 2013 Dakar, let's start the media thread.

While it's worth collecting media in it's own thread, it shouldn't take away from the juggernaut that is referred to as the "F5irehose." The dozen or so threads in this forum focused on the Dakar will be replaced by the F5irehose once the race starts. The alternative to "drinking from the fire hose" would be a chaos of separate threads that would make it impossible to follow the Dakar in real-time.

Well, the chaos and the other threads will be there regardless, but to make sure a "media thread" doesn't detract from the flow of information in the official thread, keep discussion in this thread minimal.

Thanks in advance to everyone who creates or finds and posts VIDEO, PICTURES, or AUDIO content for this thread.

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If you're having problems posting videos, it might be that you're using Google Chrome. It's usually actually working, it just doesn't show up in "preview," or when you first post it. But once you've posted it, if you hit "refresh" you'll see that the video actually got posted.

(Insider tip: there is a magical keyboard shortcut that will refresh your screen when you hit it, so you can see what other's have posted since you last loaded the page. Only those who "need to know" are trusted with that info, but if you're looking among the F5unction keys you're getting warm.)

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