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Originally Posted by silverboy View Post
This looks amazing and very tempting....
This may be a question someone has already answered, but why are there not more 450 rally bikes going? Seems like a bike from Dakar(with heat of course), since that rally is mostly speed controlled transfers, would work well in the Alcan?
Are riders blasting road sections on Super Enduros at 100mph? Has anyone gotten ticketed? Arrested?
Or is is just a matter of not suffering for 9 days...?
Some of the timed stages are hard to keep pace. For example, in 2006 we ran some forest roads in the Kispiox range that were rough and slow because of washouts. I bent both rims on my 950. We'll run that section again in 2014, but most are all about time keeping at what is called a 'brisk' pace. This means modestly challenging for a big heavy motorcycles with street tires, but not much more than that. DOT knobbys are smart to have up front on any bike you bring. And we will have plenty of mud, you know...

The real fun sections are pure hooligan with no timing. For example, you'll be riding the South Canol as fast as you dare (2nd through 5th gear for hours). And you can do it faster on a smaller bike that you can spin up. The Denali and Dempster Highways were also as fast as you dare. In 2010 the Denali road was good so I could hit 90 regularly. In 2006 the road was so rough it was hard to go 60. We'll have Telegraph Creek, which is winding and slow, but very fun for a bike you can flick around. Just don't run off! It's a long ways down.

The speed limits on the paved sections are about 60mph as I recall. But the big bikes hit triple digits plenty. Heck, even my buddy ran his KLR steady above 80mph,,,, until he started worrying about oil consumption. That brought him closer to 75mph.

I don't know of anybody getting ticketed, but many deserved it.
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