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Originally Posted by markjenn View Post
When buying out of state, you always want to check on the tax situation. Most states will allow out-of-state residents to forgo paying the sales tax, but not all. And one's home state will usually provide a credit against the required resident sales tax up to the amount spent out of state, but not all. Finally, I don't know of any state that will refund your money in your home state if you spent more for sales tax out of state. If the tax you paid out of state is more than the amount you owe in-state, you're SOL.

In general, the states where it makes sense to do fly/buy deals are those that charge little/no TTL when you buy the bike. I live in WA, but have bought in TX a couple times and it works out well - I usually pay $100 or so for temp tags and doc fees, but that's it. When I get home and register the vehicle, then I get reamed for the nearly-10% home sales tax.

I love fly/buy deals. You get to do a one-way long tour and really get to know your bike on the way home. Total immersion in the new bike experience.

- Mark
^ This, I've done many and agree with every word of it.
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