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Originally Posted by MizzouRider View Post
I was able to get the routes loaded as gdb files. However, none of them see to be active.
I tried loading them to the card, and to the internal memory. I see the routes in Route Planner, but when I click on the actual route it does not allow me to "go" the "go" button is active for earlier routes I tried to set up using the Montana, but not with the routes I loaded from mapsource.
When I zoom in on the route, it goes blank every other push of the + button. Then reappears when I push the + button again. Then the Montana just shuts off. It acts like it's corrupted or something. I have to keep restarting it..
Any suggestions?
Definitely sounds like an issue with those routes. Are they all doing it, or only some of them?

Which versions of MapSource & BaseCamp are you using?

May need to send one of the offending routes to Garmin for testing.

If you want to send a few of them to MontanaGPSrWiki at, in both GCD and GPX format (they must be inside a zipped container), I would be more than happy to see what I can determine.

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