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My brother passed away in 2009 and our parents gave me both of his bikes ('07 Boulevard S50, '08 Versys) in mid-2010 after they had sat awhile. I had ridden both of them many times and fully expected to keep one of them. Well, I've still got both and the one that is going back up for sale this spring is not the one that I would have ever guessed as I've never been the cruiser type.....

The Versys is the most boring bike I've ever ridden. Its a two-wheeled Camary that wheelies easily. It corners and accelerates well and is comfortable but just doesn't do it for me. Not really sure what it is.
Well if you don't like a bike that wheelies,corners and accelerates well you seem hard to please . maybe you will love a big , heavy and slow Harley Davison because you sound like the cruiser type even tho you say you're not.
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