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Nice score. I've got two rolling red metal work carts that I don't really need, but might want to have back at some distant point in the future. If you want them in the new cave 'till that day - and that day may never come - PM me.

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So here it is!

My girlfriend and I finally found an affordable rental in Santa Fe that has a garage, no small feat! The house is a 50's signature faux adobe, thus no insulation and sketchy wiring. On the plus side the ceiling is so high i couldn't get it into the frame of the crappy cell phone camera. Those shelves you see behind the garage door are hanging down a good 3' and wrap all the way around the space, endless storage!

Since this is a rental I'm keeping costs to a minimum, I'm giving myself a budget of $200 to make it a more enjoyable workspace. I think I have a free roll of fiberglass insulation which should take care of one wall, that just leaves me one other exterior wall to insulate. I'm thinking of hanging thin ply over that.

Last night I started by ripping out that nasty old peg board on the back wall, the 'workbench' is coming out today after I pick up a crowbar on my way home from work. I'll insulate that wall then put in a proper workbench, hopefully I can find a formica counter top to use
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