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Originally Posted by SwampApe View Post
A friend and I had just finished riding and were exiting the trailhead. My buddy was about 100 feet ahead of me and went down the hill to the exit first. I could barely see the top of his helmet but then I heard what was certainly gunfire. 13 shots (10 at him, 3 at me) as he sped away. Apparently the guy said "give me the bike motherfucker" and my buddy rode off full throttle like a badass hanging off the side of his bike.

I saw my buddy get away, turned around fast as fuck (I was still at the top of the hill) and sped toward the rear exit of the trail. Washed out in a massive mud puddle and almost shit my pants while trying to get my bike back upright and gtfo. Sped away in the opposite direction and finally met up with my friend at the police station.

The guy(s) saw another riders truck parked at the trail head and figured he was going to camp out and kill whoever owned it for their bikes when they showed back up. Guess he needed some last minute Xmas gifts. Too bad he was a terrible fucking shot.

Tl;dr - some dumb fuck fired 13 shots at us and missed trying to steal our bikes. We got away.


They all do that.
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