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Originally Posted by neo1piv014 View Post
My lady got me the Oxford heated grips from Twisted Throttle for Christmas, so I thought I'd share a few quick words on them:
1 - the build quality leaves a bit to be desired. When reading through the installation instructions, they actually tell you that you will likely need to take a metal file to the inside of the grips because their rubber molding process may not leave the grips with the correct inner-diameter. This was definitely true in my case. They aren't pretty on the inside, but since the inside is now glued to my bars, I guess that doesn't matter.

2 - the wiring harness for my left grip completely fell apart as soon as I plugged them in. I wound up just soldering the wires together, and it works fine now.

3 - those two points out of the way, these grips heat up in a couple minutes, and they get damn hot. I cannot wait to try these out on the road.

4 - Right now, I just followed the instructions and wired the things straight into my battery. This does mean that any joker can come by in the parking lot, push the ON button, and kill my battery. It also means that I have to be vigilant about turning them off when I turn off the bike. Does anyone else run heated grips off that switched ignition pair that resides under our headlight shrouds? They have a 5A inline fuse, and I don't think the wattage was actually all that high.
I run the Oxford grips and find them quite good and no real dramas installing them.

I did originally run them through the "spare" wire near the headlight but with feedback from this forum, was advised to run it through a relay. I've never done a relay before so enjoyed the project of working out how to do it. Although I must say, I have a digital voltmeter on my bike and when running the heaters, it really makes no difference drawing on the battery when your underway. So, I don't think there is a terrible amount of drain on the system.

Now they've been wired up, they seem to work everytime and if you use them with products like hippo hands or even Oxford put out their own product, makes winter riding more enjoyable.
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