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Still hanging out in Dubrovnik relaxing, I like it here and its cheap too so im saving money while im chilling out. I might need to save a bit of money cause there has been a change of plans for my adventure.

Of course its going to continue onwards but Ev is coming to join me so it wont be a solo adventure anymore. She has to give two months notice but will be joining me as soon as she is able too. Where it will take us and for how long who knows but it will be fun all the same she certainly is an amazing woman.

We arent going to put any pressure on how long she is with me for and will just take it as it comes, the good news is I should never have to wash my own socks or clothes again and will have countless free massages and sex whenever I demand it ahahahaha shhhhh dont tell her I said that oh shit I hope she doesent read my blog either lol I cant wait till she gets here its going to be really nice to share my adventure with her, well I should say OUR adventure.

One adventure continues and another adventure starts and im looking forward to both of them.

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