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Originally Posted by Carl Childers View Post
I'm going to be tearing my front forks apart to replace the seals and while I'm at it I'm thinking of adding a pair of intiminators. Question is should I be looking at changing the springs to? I'd like to make the forks the best they can be without replacing them all together, Anything else I should be looking at while I'm in there? I probably weigh in at 200 lbs. with all my riding gear on if that makes a difference with springs etc.
If you want them 'the best they can be' install springs and Race Tech Cartridge Emulators. If you just want to make a big improvement with a small amount of work and expense go with the Imtiminators and keep stock springs. The intiminators are designed to work best with softer springs than would otherwise be recommended with traditional valving. You can always put stiffer springs in later if you think you need them.
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