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Originally Posted by neo1piv014 View Post
4 - Right now, I just followed the instructions and wired the things straight into my battery. This does mean that any joker can come by in the parking lot, push the ON button, and kill my battery. It also means that I have to be vigilant about turning them off when I turn off the bike. Does anyone else run heated grips off that switched ignition pair that resides under our headlight shrouds? They have a 5A inline fuse, and I don't think the wattage was actually all that high.
I'm using the switched pair in the headlight cowl. Seems to work fine powering my heated grips. No fuse problems or any other probs in 5 years.
Thin rubber grips are the way to ... thick ones insulate too well and block heat transfer. I can feel mine down to about 20F ... below that you hardly know they are on. I'm using the Dual Star heaters. Not bad.

If you look around you may find Snow Mobile grips with higher output ... but be careful not to MELT your throttle tube ... or switch to a metal throttle tube.
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