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Originally Posted by Mr_Gone View Post
I just purchased the Klim Badlands jacket and Klim Traverse pants... both were not made in the USA. Klim is an American company, now owned by Polaris, I believe, but they outsource their manufacturing.

I just bought a Gerbing's heated jacket liner and it says "Made in USA" on the tag.
Not to hi-jack your thread...
Gerbings gear is now made in Stoneville NC. Their stuff was made overseas, somewhere up until about a year ago. Rumor mill has it that Cabelas did some hunting heated gear contract with Gerbings but the crux was the they (gerbings) had to produce US made stuff. Thus the in-source in the past year. I think they got a new CEO/President too. Tom Nolan. Hes an upstanding bloke. I had some dealing with Gerbings in the past month and Mr. Nolan snapped the whip to get things straightened out ASAP.

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