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Originally Posted by elan View Post
I want handguards for my roadie to block the wind and rain. I was prepared to pay for the barkbuster storms, but most places are out of stock from what I've seen.

Is there any reason why I couldn't just order some of the MUCH cheaper moose aluminum handguards with the fat bar mounts and mount them on my tiger? What am I missing here? Why are the barkbuster / touratechs so freaking expensive?

I have the moose setup on my motard CRF 450, so maybe I'll try swapping them over to see...
I'll just add a quick comment. I actually researched the whole hand guard issue at length before I bought my Barkbusters. I couldn't figure out why BB through TwistedThrottle were so much more than buying from BB.

I emailed BB and they spelled it out for me. Basically the Tiger has a different bar contour along with the placement of its controls so all the normal configurations don't match up. BB designed a special set to simply bolt up to the Tiger bars. That's what you're paying for.

I bit the bullet and bought them and it was worth every penny. I also got the bar end weights which are awesome too but did require me to purchase some additional bolts. I'll try to elaborate more later.

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