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at least I'm trying
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yeah! My first aid kit = a few big band-aids, a bottle of ibuprofen, and gps locations of area beer stores.. does that suffice?

I figure most injuries that can't be mended with those things are either too minor to bother carrying first aid for (blisters, bugbites, etc) or they're too extreme to be handled by any standard first aid kit (punctured lung, open/comminuted fractures, etc) where the only real help comes from an ambulance or hospital... I can improvise bandages, splints or tourniquets from clothing, tire irons and spare tubes if need be; but I wouldn't want to test them... So stay safe out there.. It's not a race!

This image of BostonGS with Canuman nursing his wounds at the end of the second day sums it up...

BostonGS on the right cartwheeled his 1200gs (and himself) earlier that day and his elbow was definitely bothering him... Canuman had a SAM splint with him [one of the few things I would certainly add to my minimalist first aid kit if I decide to expand] but notice the bandanas and tape to keep it in place. Out of frame is a 12 pack of Canada's finest BostonGS bought there at camp to help ease the pain.

After riding from north of Ottawa to Toronto and finally having his arm checked out BostonGS did in fact have a fracture near his elbow..The fact that he wasn't the worst injured on the ride says something.. I'll let you decide what it means...

Ride prepared!

When in doubt, gas it. It will either fix the problem, or at the very least end the suspense.

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