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Originally Posted by Smithy View Post
I just had an epiphany.

How much silver could you buy with the gold you spend on a premium tank, and how long does it take to play that tank to the break-even point?

Although, there are moments a premium tank is worth it. I was running the T-127 the other day, ruling the map (mines) with a hard iron fist, top gun, steel wall, all the rest, and people in chat asking in hushed tones what I had in that thing. My humble response was "Mad Skillz" as I shot the last enemy.

Someone who can check the WIKI or look at the excange rate can tell you for sure, but for some reason I think it is 1 gold = 400 silver. if that is the case then a Lowe or IS-6 is around 5,000,000 silver.
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