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-= TR650 Terra-Owners Please Respond =-

I know there a couple of threads,but i had to ask for myself,im really into getting this bike come spring,was gonna go wr250r,but decided i wanted the tr650 uhmm the minute i seen it.I would be doing more street,so seems right.I just wanted anyone who owns the bike to chime in on your reviews,likes,dislikes and anything else about the bike.
I literally have read Every review of this bike through google,ya know like; "dirtride", "motorcycle-usa","cycleworld","ridemagazine" and everyone of them had nothing bad to say about this bike,not one thing,i think one mentioned something about the gearbox being its only dislike,but nothing to serious about it.Other than that they all really praised the bike for what its intended for,good commuter,everyday bike.please include some pics if you can,that would be sweet.thank you

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