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Hi Stuart, still trying to decide between the gpblack and drift ghost, and still reading all I can on the subject

Just curious. Why would you need to preview the screen when trying to film the action? Would you not just make sure it's lined up before you start shooting then concentrate on riding the bike??

Also if you go with the screen option on the GP does this mean you can also have the spare battery attached at the same time or is it one or the other?

Interested to know your thoughts on how long the battery lasts on the GP3 Black?

If I get one I was going to have the battery backpack attached with wifi and remote working. How long would you get from this?


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I also got a GP3 Black for Christmas. And I have now learned that some earlier info I posted from my brother was wrong. Namely, with the Android app, you DO see the camera preview both before you start recording video AND during the recording of video. My brother had told me that he only got the preview before he started recording and then preview (in the Android app) would stop once he started recording.

What I have now seen is that preview does work while recording. But, when you start recording, the preview does blank out for 1 - 2 seconds before it comes back. And the preview lags behind the camera by a similar amount. In other words, if I am recording and watching the preview and I move the camera, it takes a second or so before the preview screen shows the camera movement. If you're using the Android app to preview the screen while trying to film any kind of action, it's probably just not going to work well enough for you. This has now got me seriously considering getting the LCD Bacpac.
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