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I run an Optimus Multi Fuel... This stove heats up real well, will run on most liquid fuels and most importantly folds down into a compact package... I made a sleeve out of pvc that hangs off the back of the pannier which accommodates the stoves fuel canister/pump assembly... Carrying the stove fuel outside minimizes the chance of fuel spills on inside the pannier items and the creation of a gas fume bomb in airtight boxes... When I gas the motorcycle up I also make sure the fuel canister is full and this gives me an extra liter of reserve fuel for the bike in the event that the next gas station is farther away than expected...

The first few times you light it, watch you don't singe the eyebrows, after that you learn how to prime and preheat without the flaming tornado... One thing I have found is most high BTU output stoves don't simmer so well compared to some of the older more low tech versions from the past...
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