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1st 300 miles, Report- Suspension

Obviously this bike has a first rate suspension. However, I didn't notice the "Sky Hook" phenomenon. I even tried going over a speed bump at speed. It knocked me off the seat. I rode over many county roads that had been repaired numerous times. The ride was what you would expect from any high end suspension.

I did theses roads in all modes. Interestingly the Urban road was the smoothest. If I was going to spend the afternoon exploring remote country roads, smelling the flowers, etc. I think this would be the best mode. Especially two up.

One other thing, and this may be Sky Hook at work. There was a section that became washboard gravel for about 1/2 mile. My BMW K1200RS always needed to slow down and still was unstable. The BMW GS never had any trouble but did chatter on the washboard (unless I manually adjusted the rebound which for just a 1/2 mile I never did) the Multi in Touring mode just ate it up. I then repeated that section in Enduro mode and did not notice a great difference.

So I'm thinking Sky Hook really adjusts for quick changing road conditions. I'm going to continue to play with the settings in each mode. The manual is a bit vague on Sky Hook settings.
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