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Originally Posted by WayneC1 View Post
Both the ignition switch and RHS switch cluster are known to get broken wiring, well covered at F650, search over there

What you are saying though is it stalls at idle and has flat spot about the point the BMS moves from closed loop to open loop. I would look at the idle actuator & ensure it is clean plus check the o2 sensor and wiring, problems with these are also known to give symptoms like you describe
Also check the whole lenght of the throttle cable to ensure it is running freely and not giving a false zero when starting.

Mine did when the little rubber piece on the cable between the cable sheath and the thottle housing moved on the cable and got caught on the throttle housing causing the butterfly/ air intake to stay open a couple of mm's even if the throttle was shut at the handlebar. Would run when I gave it gas, but died as soon as I let go. Easy fix, but I just stubled upon the culprit by chance though.

It's been a while since I've seen my bike, let alone taken the whole top of, but I believe this picture shows the rear of the throttle housing as it is mounted to the top rear of the engine. On top goes the rubber ring that connects the air box/ intake with the throttle body. The throttle cable comes in from the left through bracket #4. the rubber piece sits on the cable between #4 and the housing. I don't think the plastic bit where the cable attaches is actually in the drawing though and I can't find any pictures of it.

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