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Originally Posted by lacofdfireman View Post
So I have a budget of around $700 to spend for a GPS that I would like to use both on and off the Bike. Bikes are a KTM 990 and a KTM 530... I have owned in the past a Garmin 60CSX but felt the screen was to small and it didn't have voice turn by turn navigation and I like the touch screen. Also I have owned a Zumo but don't really think I would like that mounted on the 530. Just doesn't seem like it would be rugged enough.. I would also like something that I can download other people routes in like the UTBDR routes etc and has some decent storage. So what out there meets my criteria? Anything or am I dreamin?
Which Zumo did you have, and what made you think it was not rugged?

Should I assume from the bikes listed that you are doing lots of hardcore off-roading over rough terrain? And, further, that you want to be able to follow pre-made tracks? I'm trying to clarify your requirements...

I'm thinking you ought to give the Montana a close look. It will do turn-by-turn routing, can display tracks, and lots of folks here seem to use them offroad. One key benefit is the unit is very configurable, so you have a lot of flexibility in how you set it up.

I have one that I got recently when EMS had them on sale for 20% off, and I like it a lot, but have only used it a little and only on the street.
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