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I thought I would report back in as to what my problem ended up being.
For those that are interested and those who took stabs at my dead bike diagnosis, it ended up being a bad ignition sensor. It was a bit of a time for final failure find as I was busy chasing fueling and then headed over to spark.

This was the link that headed me in the right direction and Page one was all that was needed to find the bad pick-up.
If any of you experiance a bike dieing and think it is fuel related, I suggest you look at the crank position sensor.
My fix was less than a three hour job after parts were in place. Be sure to order a new Right Side engine cover allong with the sensor.
The sensor part # is T1290131.
This was an easy diagnosis from person that makes a living swinging a hammer. To tell the truth, it is the first time I have ever used the ohm's of resistance portion of my mutlimeter and it was fun to perform the duties myself.

I bought this bike to harken back to a tyme when a bike was something you could keep on the road through your own accord. It seemed to be the last multi cylindered air cooled, carbed machine in existance and though I am a little concerned that it failed in the way it did, I did not need error codes read from a laptop to fix it.
I hope that this helps any one that runs into dead bike syndrome. Do take a look at the link, it is good knowledge to add to your bike brain.
I had the same thing happen to my 07 check coils plugs nothing worked mate who is a bike mechanic, 5 mins sorted $99 and rode away.Athe time only had 10,000 k on her now 60,000 and no issues
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