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Originally Posted by Hap Hazard View Post
This is my first experience with a slipper clutch. What a wonderful thing. Makes downshifting such a smooth operation.

The gears shift easily and I had no issues with "false neutrals". Finding neutral at times was an issue. At a standstill, I couldn't get to neutral from second. I'd have to go up from first and then very gently. Having said that, there were three times that I was slowing for a four way stop with no intention of coming to a complete, feet down, stop. I was downshifting gently with no power and it didn't go into first but i thought it had. It certainly gets your attention as you are virtually stopped and giving it gas only gets you engine revving noises. I don't consider this a false neutral. Just be aware that you need to make a firm action between 2nd and 1st. Unless, of course, you want to go to neutral. Then you can't find it. May have something to do with moving vs. a standstill. Not a big issue, will go away as I get familiar more.

Low speed operations are much improved. When I test rode the 2012, I couldn't go thru a school zone with out feathering the clutch. Now, in first gear at idle the bike will happily chug along at 8mph. Make no mistake...the engine still is not happy until over 3,000 rpm and really prefers at least 4,000. 70 mph is a choice between 5th or 6th gear. 5th is peppy and 6th is lugging just a bit.
Between what the journalists who described it during the Bilbao presentation of this bike and what you describe here, it seems the 4 in 1 bike got a bit muddled with Skyhook. I remember one journalist saying that he would leave it at Touring mode, so that he could get a better operation of Skyhook. But in the end, I think you could program Skyhook to be on its softer mode for all modes (enduro, urban, touring and even sport). Because once speed goes up, Skyhook will firm things up enough to operate similar to sport mode anyway.

I guess there is much to learn about this.
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