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As I remember........... the consensus was that the bike is sprung stiff for the average rider and the rear shock didn't have near enough rebound damping........ even when maxed out. For a light rider like yourself, the lack of rebound damping, and stiff spring makes the problem even worse. The rear wheel hops up in the air when it bounces of rocks, ledges, and roots......... ect. The settings were to try and keep the rear wheel on the ground with the stock suspension. In other words....... the best you can get with what you got. The right spring for your weight and a re-valved rear shock with more rebound damping is what you "Need" but, if that isn't in the cards right away it's a good compromise especially for someone your weight.
Agree with almost all your advise with the exception of more rebound damping. Once I backed off the spring tension & increased the sag the rebound damping seems more than adequate, no more kicking me forward over the front wheel. Too much rebound damping will also keep the rear wheel off the ground & not return quick enough to follow the terrain.
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