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Hello Disston,
Thanks for your help

Originally Posted by disston View Post

You replaced 4, 7, 17 and 14. Number 7 was found broken when you opened the box. I suppose you found part of this part, the part still on the pawl, which is # 8, and the rest of the pawl spring was missing? So far do I understand what has happened so far?
Yes you're right. The spring # 7 had one of it's arm missing. But the remaining part was still on it's place.
It is possible the broken piece of the pawl spring was thrown out with the old oil. Or I guess it is possible it is still in the box. But to replace all three springs you would have to take the shift linkage apart and it seems rather impossible that you missed it.
The missing part was not in the oil. I have a filter into the funnel on my reclaiming tank and no metal has shown here.
Maybe it got eaten by the gears ? There was a lot of metal on the drain magnet ?
Still you say you removed the input shaft in a way I wonder, did you leave the other two shafts in the trans? Only the input shaft was removed? So maybe the missing piece of spring was hiding in one of the other shafts and it fell into the shift linkage after you put it back together. This is rather involved, I don't think this is it.
Yes the intermediate shaft and output shaft remained in the box. I was confident the bearings where good so I did not plan to change them. so no need to remove them. But to change the input shaft seal, I thought it was safest to remove the input shaft. I do not think the missing spring part is the culprit here ... I bet on my knowledge and mechanics skills ...
My best guess at this point is that you assembled the shift linkage wrong. One of the springs which you think you have correctly installed is in fact not right. (I'll be honest with you, I've not done many of these so some kind of an expert may have different news for you). Still, no mater what the problem I think you have to take the trans out.

You can probably fix this yourself still. It's part of the learning process to make mistakes and there by learn. Didn't you ever hear, "Learning is painful."?
Well, this is what I would not ear... As this bike took me too much time these last months (and too much money too ).
So all I would like to know is if it's risky to use the bike like this (I bet the gearbox will not block itself out, right ) because I have used it on this last few days and it is quite fine. I'm beginning to get used to help the gear change lever up at every gear change... If yes, the box will stay like this 'till the wife calms down and I have the force to dismantle this all again...
Thanks a lot for your help !
P.S. the four O-ring #9 are on the fiche, but not in my box, and there are not any groove to mount them... What's their purpose ?
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