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Originally Posted by Buddy_Holly View Post
Stever stove. ADV inmate makes em and they work great. Lightest and best stove I've ever used. Wouldn't think of having my MSR stove with me now. The stever beats it hands down.


I agree.
I made a couple of those and use them often, even on lunch break at work. (for the price vs the whole day it took to make them, buy one from that link).
Mine is a nice setup due to it being a complete kit.
Using a large metal camp mug, the one available in the camping section of most stores for $5 and a plastic lid from Progresso bread crumbs (free). The stove fits inside the mug along with a ziplok bag with coffee in it and a couple of paks of instant oatmeal. It's all kept clean and secure with the plastic lid snapped on the mug. It can be attached to the bike easily by running a strap or bungie through the handle, taking up zero storage space. Another addition that also fits inside is a beer can with the top and bottom cut off and split. It's cut to length so that it fits in the mug. This is used as a wind block because the alchy stove doesn't like moving air.
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