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Originally Posted by VooDooDaddy View Post
In my opinion, anyone who would buy a new DR650 is either very mechanically ignorant, desperate, or simply not very smart. I know that statement might seem kinda harsh, but you have to realize if you could find a nice 1996 DR650 somewhere, it would be essentially the same motorcycle as a 2012 DR650.
A bit harsh I'd say.
There are plenty of good reasons to buy new. Sure, there are good deals around on used DR's if you're patient ... and lucky. They are reliable bikes for the most part ... but they do have one or two SHOW STOPPER issues.

Main advantage of buying NEW is the warranty ... and the ability to buy an Extended Warranty up to 5 years. This covers things like 3rd gear failures.
Rare as they are ... if it happens in 5 years ... you get a NEW motor.
That's a lot of riding.

Next is a zero interest loan with a LOW monthly payment. This just works for some folks.

But for the OP, "New" may not be his best choice. Impossible to know if he'll even like the DR650. If you buy NEW, add a warranty, add $1000 in extras, then decide you don't like the bike ... well when you go to sell it off you'll take a major hit.

What the OP needs to know is that a showroom stock DR650 is no where near what a modified DR650 can be. So whatever DR you get ... to get the best out of it plan to do some modifications and adding some extras. There are THOUSANDS of posts here detailing what those extras are ... and what they do for you. Good luck! My Advice: TEST RIDE TEST RIDE
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