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July 19th, 2012
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Up around 8 to a beautiful, clear morning, packed the bike, and went for brekky at the motel restaurant; got a nice window looking over the harbour. Had just tucked into a nice plate of eggs, bacon, and potatoes, when I decided to make use of the wifi to check messages. Found out one of my staff had been in a minor ‘incident’, so spent about an hour on the phone trying to make sure everyone was alright, and getting the OH&S paperwork started.

Pulled out around 9:45. Set the Drift up on the engine guard again … wasn’t sure it was going to work, but thought I might as well set it up. Played with it along the way, but the GD thing seemed to be turning itself on and off … must be a loose connection.

Even by 10am, it was already hotter than stink. The Inland Island Highway was more ‘freeway-esque’ than I had expected. The GPS and my map showed a secondary/tertiary road that would cut the corner between Hwys 19 and 4. I had lots of time and thought it might be a nice change. Had trouble finding the start due to a new subdivision, but eventually found it. The road was in good shape, but a couple of minutes in discovered that it was an active haul road for logging trucks, and was heavily wooded on the sides, so there was nothing to see whatsoever. Decided that discretion was the better part of valour and turned around.

Hwy 4 towards Port Alberni was a little less ‘freeway-ish’ than 19, but still lots of tourist traffic. Either there are lots of folks trying to recreate the ‘hippy’ scene of the 60’s, or this is just where old VW vans go to die … friggin’ microbuses everywhere!

Stopped in Port Alberni for water and to visit Island Rhino Surf Shop. Chatted with the lady behind the counter for a few minutes, and she set me up with a couple of stickers for the bike.

Was starting to miss the wife and kids (who would have guessed?!) so decided to push on to Long Beach and the Green Point campground without any further delay.

Pulled into the campground around 3:30 … sign said ‘No Vacancy’, but I knew the wife and kids were already here. Took me a while to find our site, and when I got there, there was nobody home. The van and bicycles were still there, so I knew they couldn’t be far. I backed the bike down the long drive to the tent pad, and started getting changed out of my riding gear. I was just about to go for a walk and look for them down on the beach, when they came wandering up the road. They were on their way back from trying their hand at 'surfing'. Susan's pictures (not posted here) showed all the adults on that beach in full wetsuits ... and my two surf-monkeys in their bikinis! (Edmonton chicks are TOUGH!!)

Went for dinner in Ucluelet … yet another feed of fresh seafood. Nice little town … definitely a tourist town, but not quite so busy as Tofino. Dinner was on a permanently moored ship called the ‘Canadian Princess’. Nicely done, and a ton of sea life could be seen in the harbour … even just from the gangways to the boat. Bald eagles, deer, starfish, an octopus, and assorted fish.

Headed back to the campground and did a bit of beachcombing, rock climbing, etc.

Libations: A couple of local craft-brews at the restaurant, and some craft-brews that Susan had bought for me in Powell River back at the campfire. And a wee dram of Glen Breton 10yr that my buddy Scott brought back from a visit to the distillery in NS.

Stogey: Macanudo

Milage: 489km.
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