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My F800GS is currently fitted with Pirelli Scorpion Trail's which will in the not to distant future require replacing, I purchased the bike for 80 % road riding (spirited) but would also like to tackle some light off road trails.

Im planning a trip to Northern Spain (Picos De Europa) in early 2013 which would involve mainly road riding but all being well some off road tracks which I have been told about, so, my question to you more experienced adventure riders is, what tyres have you tried, your thoughts on both wet and dry tarmac grip, millage and how did they fair with easy / mild off road use ?

Any thoughts, recommendations or warnings greatly appriciated.

Thanks in advance

It depends what you mean by"spirited riding". If spirited is speed 100mph plus that is one thing, If spirited is leaning it over in the twisties, touch down boots and pegs frequently that is some thing else.

THe pirellis, tourances, anakee etc are really street tires with just a bit more open tread. Great on pavement, wet or dry, ok on dry dirt...worthless in mud or wet rocks. However these near street tires will serve fine for spirited speed and twisty riding and allow the bike to go to it's limits.

the K60s are touring tires that have a quite open treat that are MUCH better in the dirt, mud, dry or wet. they are not a full knobby. As a touring tire they have HARD rubber which make them last long miles. I put on a new set for our Alaska trip...after nearly 11000 mile the rear is about 2/3 gone but the front is not evan half gone. I took them off to save for my next heavily dirt trip. On this trip I took the bike up to a bit more than 100mph a couple of times and we did several 500 mile days at 75-85 all day crossing the plains. while there was a strong buzz from the front at aroud 30 mph (knobs resonance I guess) they were fine.
the tire is slippery in the wet....something like 1/2 the wet braking of the Tourances I normally use. This is not suprising due to the very hard rubber and much less rubber on the road.
I would not recommend these tires in 9/10ths riding in the twisties for the same reason. 9/10th is touching the pegs or side stand down frequently. I would not think about it on a wet road.

I like k60s and favor tourance exp ...two different tires for two different kinds of riding

so there is my 2 cent worth Hope it helps
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