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4 - Right now, I just followed the instructions and wired the things straight into my battery. This does mean that any joker can come by in the parking lot, push the ON button, and kill my battery. It also means that I have to be vigilant about turning them off when I turn off the bike. Does anyone else run heated grips off that switched ignition pair that resides under our headlight shrouds? They have a 5A inline fuse, and I don't think the wattage was actually all that high.
Definitely you need a relay that is switched by a wire that is only one when the key is turned on, unless you want to develop your bump starting techniques
. : I did it on several bikes so it must be simply. Just go to any auto parts store and get a generic horn or lights relay, should have a diagram on it that tells you which terminal connects to what, power in, switch, ground, etc. I usually just use a wire going to the tail light, and be sure there is a fuse into the system. Oops, I see you have a fuse. I usually use the cheapo glue on elements that cost about $30 but this install, on a Guzzi, I used Bikemaster, that I found for $45 and were simple to install with a 5 level controller.
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