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Originally Posted by Pezz_gs View Post
Ducati do make steel swingarms, on the Monster and the Paso, which is longer than the Monster swingarms. There is also the Cagiva Elefant. Mate built this one below! 50mm Magnum forks, 100mm extended Monster swingarm, Custom Ohlins rear shock.

Lots of great advice above!!!! However I would say, build what you want, and half the fun is overcoming the challenges. That is what this section of the Forum is about. Once you start to build a bike you will realise there will be plenty

DrJoe's build thread has taken many changes and ebbs, he has learnt a lot on the way through. So have those who have read it. Started Feb 4th 2009 and still going.

If it works or not and time is of no constraint have a play

You will learn so much in the process. Im sure John Britten would have received some criticism on his builds too

Saliah is correct that it is much easier matching the engine and frame, dont know why you want the Ulysses Frame, if you like the styling, why not graft the tank and other body parts onto a suitable frame to start with.

Dude i Fing love your bike! Way too sick man. Link for the build?
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