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Originally Posted by supershaft View Post
The funky shifting could be the shift shaft seal.
Should I replace it ? Is it too sticky ? What do you think ?
This might be a perfect example of why I don't replace those springs unless they are broke. From my experience I bet those springs were replaced during the last recent rebuild. I would guess much more than half of the broken springs I have replaced were just recently installed. I haven't rebuilt nearly as many trannys as robtg, for instance, but I have never run into any problems leaving good springs in there. I think you are better off not replacing them.
Yes the three springs where replaced by the guy who did the rebuild in '97 (the bike didn't run much since) with the input shaft (splines worn to death) the thrust spring and of course all the bearings. The bike had 120 000 km then and now has around 170 000.
On the invoice there is a saying about a couple of modifications on the selection system to make it more reliable. Dunno what that means... (the parts looks correct for the year and serial of the bike)....
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