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Laugh Pole Barn Ideas , SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!!!

Whats up Guys!

Just saw the post about insulating a roof on a barn.
AND - it made me send this in about the actual experience/knowledge/ideas of everyone who's ever:

Built one.
Had one built.
Or even LOOKING to have one built as I am.

I've been SCOURING the internet for a few weeks now with no REAL good information found. The only things usually found are pictures of buildings "the particular company" built and ONLY from the outside. Maybe a few color chips, etc.

Looking for ANY and ALL SUGGESTIONS!!!

1) Am planning on mostly using this for storage and a place to work on bikes, cars, tractor, etc. Would like to eventually have an automotive lift of some sort in there.
2) Would possibly like to build tall enough to put a storage area or "LOFT" on a second level.DEFINITE concrete floor.
3) MAYBE some windows(?) and a second garage door at opposite end.

SO I'm ASKING for exactly what YOU did when you built yours? Including even the basic materials - poles-steel-doors,windows, etc.
WHAT would you NOT do again?
WHAT have you seen that you would've liked to do but didn't think of or didn't have the $$$?
SEEN any GOOD sites to actually build it on the computer?
ALSO who built yours - recommended, NOT recommended?


Looking to get something built by the end of next summer - DEPENDING??? There are a lot of fellas with firsthand knowledge on this subject - maybe even a builder(?) - and I sure would like to use some of your EXPERTISE to help someone like me with very limited brain power!

You can pm me IF you'd rather not answer here - BUT - I've searched this site and MAYBE we can start a SUPER "POLE BARN" thread.


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