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Originally Posted by Jeff Munn View Post
Ha Ha Guy, that's funny. Given your urban environment, that's probably what it was looking for, rats! Either that, or little kitties....

We're sitting here enjoying the sunshine for the first time in a couple of days. The 4"-8" that was supposed to drop last night never came. We only got about another inch. Dang.

BUT, my nephew Joe was up here for the last few days so we did some of our own "training". Unfortunately the XR650L with Scorpion DS rear was completely useless in all the snow. It as far worse than riding on snot slick clay, so we had to fall back to the CRF's with full MX knobbies. Now those were the ticket!

This is Joe after we got to the top of the mountain. 6" to 8" mostly on the trails, but with drifts across in places that got up to a foot. Funny thing I learned? Standing on the pegs in snow is NOT the answer when you are bogging badly. Believe it or not, keeping your kiester on the seat was the only way to keep traction and forward momentum. Hmmmm. Learn something new every day.

He really picked up on full drifting in snow (no pun intended) and using the throttle to steer. The kid actually roosted me a few times too when I was trying to take pics.

We parked for a couple of pics at our mtn-top patio. It was still snowing but man it felt great to be riding in a snowstorm. In fact, we were a little gassed from getting up the mtn.

When we finally came back down, we blasted across the back fields at full honk, or as close to it as the snow would allow. I'd get up to about 30-35 mph and then hit a depression that was drifted over, and suddenly decelerate dramatically as I plowed into it, then have to drop two gears and power back up to speed. It was hilarious!

The bikes developed an ice shell around the engines from the freezing snow being thrown up. It was open for 1/2 inch around the hot parts, but the carbs were starting to freeze over, literally.

The nice thing was being able to roll them into a warm garage and let them melt back to normal. No car wash needed!

I apologize for the gigantor size of the pics, but I'm on a borrowed computer and don't have access to my normal photo edit software. Still, I wanted to post because this was one of the most fun things I've done on two wheels in a while. Completely different than any riding I've ever done before. I told Joe he can handle anything now; snow, sand, or mud. The kid has skills and I think he'll do well on the TAT

Looks like a lot of fun Jeff, I haven't ridden in the snow since the late 70's, did it on a Suzuki DS 370 (I think, it was silver and a 4 stroke thumper, I remember that) its been a long time ago, but it was a blast.
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