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Rain, rain, and more rain...

Well, it seems I left the snow and ice behind since coming down the mountains, but they were replaced with a cold and steady drizzle.

I grabbed a quick bite of healthy breakfast...

And made my way to the parking lot. I was sorely disappointed to find that my bike cover does absolutely nothing to prevent the bike from getting wet.

Guess that's what I get for a $15 cover.

The temperature was 33 degrees, and the rain was steady, but I wasn't about to hang around this crazy nut house one minute longer. Sloppy-Z and his crazy pajama-laden fans can have it all to themselves.

The traffic was heavy and snarled all throughout North Carolina. I took some alternative routes but the roads had been rained on all night long and travel was getting too dangerous to mess around. I decided to keep to the highway instead.

Somewhere into South Carolina things started to calm down a bit. I think there was a time, somewhere between 10:17 and 10:21 that the rain stopped... it might have been less than that, come to think of it.

I did manage to find a few interesting things along the way, like this!

I'm not even in Georgia yet and I'm already finding peaches!

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to drive up to the US BMW headquarters in Spartanburg. It sure looked pretty. Wish I could have stopped and taken a tour, but I was miserable and cold and just wanted to make it to my stop for the day and get out of the rain.

I stopped for a break midday and checked the weather for Atlanta again, hoping for a nice surprise.

Guess again.

40 degrees with 15mph winds and light rain, feels like 26 degrees... and that's standing still.

I made it to the hotel without incident, just as my toes started to lose feeling.

This is what I saw all day long: a wet windscreen. Its a shame too because days like this make riding more of a chore than an enjoyable adventure.

So I made my dinner an adventure with some Spicy Octopus! Mmmm. I scored big time with this all-seafood buffet.

I didn't even notice their huge assortment of sushi until my second trip!. My favorite!

After several days on the road in fairly miserable conditions I am ready to be home again with my family. The bike has been excellent. I look forward to a time when I can ride it with a little more enjoyment and a little less aspercream.

Tomorrow is my last travel day. I am deciding between heading over to Stockton, AL for the Last Ride of the Year (, or just heading straight for Pensacola. Weather looks dry, but cold.

Here's to another day of riding in long underwear!
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