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Originally Posted by k7 View Post
I had just under 5000 Garmin-documented miles. I'm certain I exceeded 5000 total since I didn't have the Garmin on several rides that werent logged. In that, I probably have four or so 200+ miles days and two 250 mile days. I may brave an event and try to break 300-350 miles in a single day in late 2013.
That's impressive. Especially for those of us that have jobs. Winter months around here it's hard to get the larger milage in with the weather and road conditions. Yesterday I did a short ride and ended up on an icy road which was a little terrifying for a while. The best that I was doing once the season turned last year was 600 miles a month. Plan is to get on it early and ride on the shitty days too, hopefully it just is wet and not snowy for the remainder of the winter. We'll see how it goes.
I'd like to have a large jump on the other local riders come spring, some of the boys put the hurt on me last year a bunch of times and that didn't sit too well with me, so I'm motivated to say the least.

I just got the Garmin 500 this fall and love it. We got my brother one for his birthday and I immediately had gear envy, so had to get one myself. I have it set up on both my bikes so I hope not to miss any rides. The wet bike is getting all the love for now and will until April.

300 to 350 miles in a day is beyond epic. We're planning a 250 KM day ride this summer and thought that was ambitious. Although its a cross ride on dirt, it still ain't no 350 miles.
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