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Dr. Pulley vs JCosta on Tmax

I'm a member of the Tmax forum in Spain, and one member there took his box-stock 2009 Tmax and videod with a GoPro his speedo/tach with timing runs with
1.) 16gm Dr. Pulley
2.) 18 gm Dr. Pulley
3.) JCosta Variator

He shows all the results and posted GRAPHS of it all on the Spanish Website. I'll try to get them here...
Also, the videos are all on YouTube.

All in all, it turns out that the 16 or 18 gm Dr. Pulleys in 0-100kph went about the SAME as the JCosta, but were better in midrange acceleration and had no top-end loss, like the JCosta. And don't rev as peaky, but pull smoothly across the speed range. They move your full-throttle RPM up to 6,200 from 5,300-5,500, into your PEAK Torque Curve

The Dr. pulley sliding weights last the life of your engine, the JCosta weights go flat-spotted at 6,000 km and must be replaced. (Dr. Pulley now makes replacement weights for the JCosta...) Also, there have been reliability issues with the JCosta and the Tmax. Good for one, bad for another. And that's in Spain, where the JCosta is made...

(Oh, and were about $50 as opposed to $300+)
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