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Originally Posted by Murgatroid View Post
I know, yet another what scooter should I buy thread, like we need another one.

So I have a few motorcycles and 2 vintage Vespas. I like the Vespa construction and quality. I'd like to get a modern TnG scooter for mainly around town, occasional freeway jaunts, and *maybe* the 2-3 hour tour (I work in the Sillycon Valley and live in the Sierras, so am always going back and forth between the two). The 2-3 hour ride is not as important to me, but would be icing on the cake. I currently have been riding a friends Piaggio Fly 150, which has given me the TnG scooter bug, but I'd like something with more power. I'd rather not lose too much on the small maneuverability aspect, though.

There's a practically new 2012 HD200 for sale that the guy bought in July. He's asking $2800. I really like the SYM's and everyone who has one loves them. They seem like they are faster than people expect, but are they that much quicker than the Fly? I have the highest confidence in their long term quality. I also like that there is a lot of warranty left on this scooter.

There's a very nice 2008 Sport City 250 in the area for a similar asking price. Keep in mind that the last SC's in the US are '09's, and there are some of those around, too. These look to hit the sweet spot for power and agility. How much quicker is the SC250 over the HD200? I don't have as much faith in Piaggio's long term quality, but I am fairly handy with a wrench and will likely take care of most of the maintenance.

So these two are the cheaper alternatives. I'd like to spend less money than more. However, I have this nagging suspicion that I'd always be wanting more power.

I am seriously jonesing for the BV350. This seems like one hell of a scooter, even considering the price tag. Will I always lust after this scooter if I had an HD200? I know the BV350 is about 70 lbs heavier, but physically not much bigger than the HD200. Will this be much of a detriment for around town use?

Being a vintage Vespa owner, I do like the modern 250/300GTS Vespas. These strike me as the Fly on super-steroids, which is very appealing. I love the way I sit on these and they feel fairly light. They also look the best to me, although the BV350 is very nice looking in a modern-retro sort of way (and I even like the red seat and plastics). The downside is they are pricey. They cost similar (dealers are discounting the 2012s) to the BV350, but don't have the tech and features. Hell, they don't even have a trip odometer! I can save some money on used ones, and luckily there are always a few for sale

The Japanese don't have anything in this size range that appeals to me. Kymco makes nice scooters, too, but I"m not a fan of their styling for the most part. The people 300 is the same price as the BV350, and I'd rather have the latter.

So given the choice: practically new HD200 Evo, clean used SC250, used 250/300GTS, or new BV350 (maybe used if I"m patient enough), which would you choose? I'd love to hear from folks who have owned 2 or more of these models for a comparison. I plan to take a few test rides in the coming weeks.

Well, I own a GTS250ie (parent scooter to the GTS300), and on the 5th of January will have owned it for 7 years. Ive toured on the Vespa into Death Valley, Nevada, and Arizona and frankly its a damn fine little tourer better suited for secondaries and highways not freeways.

Maintenance costs and purchase (new and used) prices on the Vespa tend to be higher than Piaggios underbone scooters like the BV, Scarabeo etc. but then ONLY a Vespa is a Vespa. The 12" running stock doesnt lend itself to a particualrly smooth ride on anything but a really nice stretch of tarmac.

Pothole dodging is a big part of Vespa riding, but thankfully the 12"ers make quick work of avoidance steering.

I recently test-rode then ordered the BV350 despite some heartburn with 's parts support over the years. My wife who owns a Vespa GT200L tested and ordered one as well. Yes, its THAT nice! We will keep our Vespas since we still enjoy them and have a lot of history with them....

The service schedule on the BV350 is phenomenal compared to the Vespa, and with 33 hp at the rear wheel, larger rolling stock, and a bigger fuel tank they will be our new big-mile scooters.

(her XT is listed for sale below in my sig-line. What better shameless plug segue could I ask for?)

Sooo, depending on what type of use you plan to use it primarily for, your penchant for a smooth ride, and your level of maintenance-cost pain tolerance I think you'll have a great time on any of the italians....warts and all but frankly your short-list of the 4 is all good and not a loser on the list so, follow your heart first, and wallet second.
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