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Originally Posted by ducnut View Post
Are you going to add an auxilary power source, to keep your Garmin going?

I'm starting to think your mental toughness, having a partner (to some extent), and 'bent all contribute to you being able turn such big miles on so few of training miles.

I was averaging ~200mi per week, with a best of just over 400mi. I know there's no way I could do what you do, without someone for moral support, on a diamond frame.

What you do/have done is truly an accomplishment.
I use a 4-battery aux pack with a plug that matches the Garmin. Works like a charm and it doesn't drive a reboot when you plug it in.

Pls allow me to disagree with you. I'll bet you that anyone....ANYONE... who can ride a century in 7 - 8 hours can ride any of the rides I did. It's all in having a bike that's comfortable, having a bit of nutrition, knowing how to pace and being mentally-prepared.

Someone actually asked for my advice today....and I posted some comments today here.
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