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I guess I missed the US made piece in the OP I too try to buy everything I possibly can US made.. check labels on ever piece of clothing I buy to see if it US made and if it isnt then I try hard to find a US made alternative before I cave in. I drive a US made truck and even bought the only American made SxS 20 gauge on the market. But sometimes there is just not a good alternative. If you are going to put in a ton of miles on asphalt, absolutely go with Aerostich.. it is time proven and crash proof. I personally tested this in my Darien gear just a couple of years ago... but it quickly runs out of functionality when you need it to breath past a minimal level, or if you want the option of wearing it over enduro gear. Motoport is great too from all accounts, but I wont buy a piece of gear you need to put a waterproof liner in.. just out of date. I still wear my Aerostich if I want high vis for a 100% on road ride.. but if I am going to ride in the dirt.. then the KLIM gear just outperforms the Darien in every aspect. IMHO YMMV
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