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Originally Posted by Oceanbum View Post
1. Agreed
2. Don't watch mountain bike racing so I don't know what a kegger refers to.
3. Boxing and hunting ok?
4. NHRA doesn't turn left (also imo nascar sucks )
5. Never understood how poker could be considered a sport.

See all Monday!

Kegger - Half dozen free kegs from Great Lakes Brewing

Boxing, I'll watch

Hunting, Use primitive weapons to make it more fair. I recently saw a big game hunter on TV who required a whole crew of people to take down an wildebeest or something and when it charged him wounded, he pretty much pissed his pants. After it retreated, he was breathing too hard to take the 2nd shot so someone else had to do it for him.

Drag racing, he with the most cash wins

Hope to see you Monday

AES Racing - Crow Canyon Riding Park
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