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I commute 25 miles each way rain or shine. My bike is a Buell XB9SX which means no luggage. I use a Chrome Metropolis messenger bag and am very happy with it. Easier to access than a backpack since you can swing it around from your back to your stomach and pull things out without taking the whole bag off. It's big enough to hold a change of clothes, my big 15.6" work laptop, and a few other things. It could easily hold a long weekend's worth of clothes. When I'm sitting on the bike the bottom of the bag rests on the seat, so I'm not really carrying any of the weight on my shoulder. $160, made in America, built like a tank. There are about a thousand other companies that make bike messenger bags so it might be worth googling to see what else is out there. Timbuk2 is very popular, but mine isn't waterproof (the seams and stitching aren't taped so water eventually gets in) which is why I use a chrome bag now. The chrome bag is not waterproof in the sense that a drybag is, so I wouldn't go white water rafting with it, but I've never had anything inside get wet in upwards of an hour of moderately heavy rain.
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