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The day before I took the 32 litre tank off and put the standard 17litre tank back on.......

it took me a while to understand that 30ltr is a 20 ltr jerry plus a 10ltr jerry ..duh...

after I ran out on Jizzas run, we put just under a liter in and I put just a splash in at Gawler.........(well thats what I thought, was definately going to top up before the next ride)

drained the tank and it was still holding 10 ltrs..

checked the aircleaner .and the pre was chockers.........

I aslo put the standard tripple clamp back on..........the other held the scotts damper but aslo changed the geometry somewhat

overall the bike ran a lot better, steering control as vastly improved .a little bit nervous , but a great improvement.
later whilst I was waiting for fuel I lowered the front tyre pressure a bit from 25/6 to about 20/22 (can't find a gauge that works at moment).bingo ............front end stable .......

I was pretty keen to run the bike low on fuel so I could get a feel for the suspension/steering etc.....and with the other supertankers around me I wasn't too worried. We discussed fuel at various times but didn't get to one it time.

great blokes, great day out .had a ball.

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