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Originally Posted by duck View Post
For a short commute of 10-12 minutes it is probably not worth installing HGs. Here's some winter gloves with good reviews for $86:
Originally Posted by lightfox View Post
duck posted these cortech gloves which look 95% the same as these bilt gloves that I tried on in a store and hated how stiff they felt.
Those Cortech Scarab gloves are terrible. I have a pair, and they were probably the worst purchase I've made in motorcycle gear to date. They are barely warmer than my summer gloves, but way bulkier. I would only wear those down into the 50s or so... But at that point I'd rather just wear my way less bulky summer gloves. I was so extremely disappointed with the Scarab gloves that I gave them away to a friend who didn't have any other gloves... But only with the warning that I can't be held responsible for his severe disappointment in them.

I ended up buying Gerbings T5 heated gloves and LOVE them! They're warmer than the Scarabs without them even plugged in, way less bulky, and they keep my hands warm no matter the temperature. With you living in Phoenix, these would probably be overkill for you if you don't travel farther north often. If you only stay around your area and only need them for your short commutes, my vote would be heated grips.
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