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Originally Posted by k7 View Post
Me too. A great way to increase your speed is to ride with faster riders. It's the same with any out better players and try to hang.

So True. Unfortunately I did 5500 km this year, my friend, Dan, in Vic did over 10 K and the his brother in law Tom did about 20 K and they're both younger than me (I'm 44). Realistically I just want to keep up to those dudes. With a full time job 7500 km is a lofty goal for me, but reachable.

Part of my plan is to shed some pounds ( or KGs ) to try to make my power to weight go in the right direction. I used to be in the 195 range with a lot of time spent at the gym. These days I'm in the 183 range and would like to get down to 175 for the spring.

Right now I'm riding by myself, in the dark, in the rain and snow. It really sucks some days, but others it's still fantastic.

Strange days indeed
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