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Originally Posted by jules083 View Post
I'm a bit late, but have a new set of 606's in the mail, should be here on thursday. I'm just going to get a local shop to stud them for me, I figure on just getting normal automotive studs. 13mm seems to be what most here are using, I'll run to the shop on monday and see what they have.

I saw here somewhere that I should drill the length of the stud? Shouldn't I stop a bit short, maybe 1/8" or so, to leave some stick out?

Next is another oil question- What do you guys do for chain lube? They use salt here on the roads, I imagine the chain is going to need lubed daily. ATF? Used motor oil? I typically just use regular chain lube, but I can see that getting expensive quick.

Bike is a KLR650.

Exactly the length of the entire stud should give you the perfect seating depth.

Lube the chain frequently, then spray it off with warm water and re-lube when it's above freezing.
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