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Montgomey and Fayette Countys

Here are some bridges from a ride JAKEBRAKE and I took in Montgomery and Fayette Countys a few months ago. I had found a gpx file HERE . The author claimed it was mostly tar & chip, some dirt, gravel and a creek crossing. Looked like a nice way to spend a friday in September, so off we went. There were a few old iron bridges off the track so I rerouted to them.
The first was the Hurricane Creek Bridge, an open for traffic pony truss bridge over Hurricane Creek on TR 255, 7.2 mi. southeast of Witt. The bridge is 48.8 feet in length with a width of 13.7 feet.

Location: 3910'52" N, 8915'15" W

I dont know much about the small bridge, but the road to it and from it was fun...

The next bridge was the Ramsey Creek Bridge, an open for traffic riveted, 5-panel Pratt pony truss bridge over Ramsey Creek on TR 19, 3.5 mi. northeast of Ramsey. The bridge was constructed in 1929 with a total length of 84 feet and a deck width of 14.1 feet.

Location: 3912'11" N, 8909'57" W

The last bridge on the track was the Ramsey Creek Through Truss Bridge, an abandoned (but intact and in good condition) riveted, 5-panel Pratt through truss bridge over Ramsey Creek on US 51, 6 miles north of Vandalia. The bridge was built in 1924, and abandoned in 1954 after new bridge was built to the east.

Location: 3906'08" N, 8905'19" W

The view from the new bridge....

On our way home we ran across this bridge, the Little Creek Bridge in Montgomery County. It is a pony truss bridge over Little Creek on TR 288, 0.5 mi. north of Irving. The bridge is open for traffic and built in 1969 with a total length of 83 feet and deck width of 23 feet.

Location: 3912'59" N, 8924'37" W


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