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Originally Posted by pilot3 View Post
I'll just add a quick comment. I actually researched the whole hand guard issue at length before I bought my Barkbusters. I couldn't figure out why BB through TwistedThrottle were so much more than buying from BB.

I emailed BB and they spelled it out for me. Basically the Tiger has a different bar contour along with the placement of its controls so all the normal configurations don't match up. BB designed a special set to simply bolt up to the Tiger bars. That's what you're paying for.

I bit the bullet and bought them and it was worth every penny. I also got the bar end weights which are awesome too but did require me to purchase some additional bolts. I'll try to elaborate more later.

I have bark busters on my tiger and I completely, utterly HATE them. They don't fit unless you bend them a bit here and there, and then they are tight as buggery and require moving the banjo on the master brake cylinder -- no answer for the kink in the clutch cable. You can either run your levers too high or too low or else wedge the clutch cable over the mount.

Perhaps the fact that they suck on Tigers is why there is this "special set". DO NOT BUY THEM otherwise unless you're a short person perhaps things might line up for you then. I've been close to buying a second set of HDB guards and I'm still suffering because I don't want to throw away my investment. And I feel like I should use the Aussie product but it's hurting me let me tell you.
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