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I used it for a while and liked it. Then I had to travel across country to help a friend move. And it was going to be an all highway ride. So I downloaded Drive from MotionX. And loved it. I would love a real GPS devise. But MotionX is making it harder and harder for me to spend the money. The iPhone is as good or better then the low end ones. And the high end ones are just to darn expensive.
If I planned on leaving the US I can see spending the cash. But for weird little weekend adventure in Civilization(or the pockets of country in between them), I will stick to the iPhone and my various Ram Mounts. The water proof box for the offroad. And the normal open mount for every day driving.
I'm having some issues. It's not about the money for a stand alone GPS unit. It's more about the "why". I have my iPhone glued to my hand all the time for various reasons. And I have a blue tooth setup on my bike. I can't see also cradling a standalone GPS. it's too much.

The iPhone GPS apps are great. I use the iPhone native app for when I have an Internet connection and I can use the Tom Tom for when I'm roaming and turn off my data connection to avoid the hue carrier roaming charges.

But the problem is that I can't find a good iPhone GPS app that will help me plan my trip by importing GSX files into the GPS app like a lot of the stand alone GPS devices can do.

Yes we get turn by turn navigation but what if we don't talk to talk the shortest, fastest highway route from one point to another? And what if we want to use something like "greatest road" to map a course that other riders really liked?

To date I haven't found a food way of doing this with the iPhone and I might have to purchase a stand alone GPS. The only thing is that the stand alone GPS isn't much better IMO than the iPhone's Tom Tom, EXCEPT for the fact that they can port GPX files.
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